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At Lost Goods, we believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone without compromising our planet. We are advocates for circular fashion, dedicated to reshaping the way you think about fashion and helping you uncover hidden treasures. Our goals is to create a seamless and enjoyable thrifting experience for you.

Join our community that cherishes each item’s value and the stories they hold.

What is Thrifting?

Behind Lost Goods

Lost Goods was born from the shared vision and dedication of two young women, united in their commitment to sustainability and fashion. Upon returning to their childhood homes in Indonesia, they discovered piles of clothes they no longer needed. Their previous experience in selling pre-loved items in the US sparked the determination to find a solution.

They saw a chance to effect change in the cluttered and inefficient Indonesian thrifting market. Firm in their belief that there was a more efficient way to encourage sustainable fashion and make thrifting enjoyable and accessible, they embarked on a mission.

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